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We're a newborn agency, a collective of industry specialists across APAC, that provides brand building solutions to your business problems.




We can adapt to meet your needs.

No problem is too big or too small.


We will design the services you need - right-sized, with the expertise matched. We can provide a wide variety of services but we will only give you what you need.


We have more than 50 years combined experience in marketing communications.

Connecting Dots

our services

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GUS Collective @
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our work

 Red Bull Brand Campaign   

We created this regional brand love campaign (ATL, Social, OOH) to update the brand's relevance to consumers.

 Circles.Life Singapore  

With Circles.Life Singapore, we collaborated with Ad Nuggets to bring to life one of the FIRST Social Films produced using full generative AI for their latest campaign "Circles.Life Sparks Life". 
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 Baxter Healthcare   

We uncovered new insights that help shape people's perspective about Chronic Kidney Disease. Leveraging this, we developed a global social content campaign launched on World Kidney Day 2023
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 Hallmark Philippines   

Moving away from communication stereotypes for a legacy brand,
we created a social campaign to drum up anticipation for the Philippine's first Christmas post pandemic. 
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our clients
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our team
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Sheila Gonzales

Founder, Creative Partner


Sheila has been crafting insightful and memorable stories for local and regional brands in the last 25 years. She is a multi-awarded writer and creator of ideas that have helped transform challenger brands into beloved household names and market leaders.

Iking Uy

Founder, Chief Collaborator


Iking prides himself of being a fully-integrated creative and media marketer. He has immersed himself across traditional creative and strategy to 360 campaign planning

Cathy Siapno

Founder and CEO


Cathy is the “APAC Communications Expert”. She’s worked with the top communications companies in the world and has deep understanding of consumers in APAC that helped her uncover solutions to Client’s business challenges.

our specialisation
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We aim to connect brands and products to Third-Agers - to identify opportunities, to create relevance, and to maximise the potential of this largely-ignored audience
Connecting Dots

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